Inspiring People

Submitted by: Mercy Mabwe Adeyanju

Wouldn’t it be such a great privilege to know who needs uplifting, encouraging or even comfort, just by merely looking at them?

Unfortunately we are only humans and many times we may not know who is going through the most low moments or seasons in there lives. Humans can cover up real well too, make up painful smiles coming from a hurting and broken soul.

Let us wake up each day and take that selfless step to encourage someone. Initiate a Smile, say good morning, pass a compliment, ask that person how their weekend was. Who knows what impact you may have in their life that day?.

You may have just saved someone from taking there own life. You may have just boosted that young lady with a low self esteem, by telling them they looked good, that little boy by telling them great job. Words have an everlasting impact on our lives and can bring forth positive or negative outcome.

You have that power in you to heal, encourage, inspire, or to destroy, break down and discourage. Be a builder, encourager, restorer. Yes you may not be there to celebrate the outcomes but your impact will live on. Be encouraged today.

This is from me to you, dear reader, with sincerity:

You are looking good today. Who did your hair? That color suites you. Great job on that presentation, keep up the good work. Let me know if you need a hand. You are special. What would we do without you.

Try this every time. Enjoy your day. Grab that coffee. Till next time.


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  1. I found this very inspiring. … wanted to say thanks…
    I just posted it on fb too
    I hope you have a community page…Would love to join
    Take care and God bless

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