Tales of Kindness

Code: White Dove
by: Shelley Madden

Jeb’s hands, aged by time, clutched the cards before him. He peered at the blurring faces staring back. He had heard the call over the nursing home loudspeakers. Code: White Dove. The cards fluttered from his hands, landing quietly on the table.

He gazed at his partner, Betty, opposite him. It was time to go. They spoke no words, they knew it was time. He watched in silence as she quietly rose from the comfort of her chair, easing her weary bones against the table for support.

Jeb slowly pulled himself up; a nearby aide rushed to his side, and steadied him before his walker. He brushed her away, determined to make the long walk down the corridor on his own. more…

An Avalanche of Kindness

Author: Ellie Braun-Haley


Hoping to help children understand bullying, a Canadian school
brought in an education program on that topic.

Following this, one parent noticed her young daughter was having more difficulties at the school. When she wouldn’t play with a friend the little girl was teased and called ”bully”. The mother identified the problem. Many of the school children were possibly too immature for the bully program and had misunderstood the concept. Wishing to help her own daughter and likely many others, the mother, set about to develop an amazing new program which might possibly alleviate both the problems.

This is the story about that creative new program and how with a lot of imagination and determination, one woman caused AN AVALANCHE OF KINDNESS (more)

Pay it Forward – Links in the Chain of Kindness

Author: Don H. Morris

“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.” Goethe

Have you ever had someone do something really nice for you, but you didn’t know who it was to thank them? When I was in graduate school on a limited budget I was running very short on funds one month. One day when I checked my mail, there was a plain white envelope with no return address. Inside was a twenty dollar bill, with a note that read, “Enjoy!” The note was unsigned. I never found out the identity of my unknown benefactor.         more

How Kind and Generous Do We Have to Be?

Author: Walter E. Jacobson, MD

I was driving down Reseda Boulevard on my way home from work. I was stopped at a light. Two cars on a side street were waiting to merge into my lane. Wanting to be a nice guy, I waved at the driver of the first car, giving him the go-ahead to pull in front of me.

As he’s doing this, I’m thinking, “Okay, I did my social duty. I let one car in. Now it’s my turn. The next guy has to let the next person in. After all, fair is fair. The protocol for kindness in this circumstance, the agreed upon social convention is you let one car in and then you get to go. No harm, no foul.”      more

Kindness of Strangers – Inspiration for an Ordinary Day

Author: Patricia B. Crisafulli

I have been aware in recent days of the kindness of strangers. Small things mostly, a bit of grocery-store advice, a scrap of conversation with someone I accidentally called on the phone. Smiles from people I don’t know. A gentle warning about ice from the mail carrier in another neighborhood.

These are not extraordinary events such as what happened in my community a couple of weeks ago. A construction crew on their way to a job site stopped at a house fire and rescued a woman trapped on the top floor before the firefighters arrived.          more

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